Web Development

Do I really need a web presence?
The biggest misconception of corporate web site is that you have nothing to sell.  In fact you do – your company! Selling online is not the number one purpose of a web site, yet virtually all companies are expected to have a web presence. Text and graphics explaining who you are and what you do are a marketing material that is expected by nearly all clients to research more about you.

If your company does not yet have an Internet presence, your competition is leaving you behind. We provide high-level expertise in developing custom web sites quickly and painlessly.

There is no need to read countless technical manuals, buy thousands of dollars worth of new equipment and spend all of your free time trying to sort it all out.  We can make the process of creating a web site simple for you.  Web sites can be used on both the World Wide Web internet or on private intranets, or both. Our web site designers can create anything from a simple home page to a comprehensive E-Commerce site utilizing state-of-the-art programming functions that incorporate database and multimedia capabilities. We can assist you in maximizing the dynamic effects of a web site while remaining reliable, practical, and cost effective.

Our customized WWW site can:

Display your products, describe them in detail and even take orders, on-line.
Demonstrate complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand graphical format so customers will want to buy your product or service.
Allow interactive usage and get feedback from clients, giving you the ability to better meet their needs.
Educate clients about updates, additions and changes in your service or product in a timely manner.
Reach potential customers anywhere in the world with no extra cost or inconvenience.
Web Site Hosting..
The E-Commerce site let you accept the credit card payments either on-line or even off-line.
With a user friendly interface you can be connected to the database and update your products or set up a search system letting your clients find out about them.
We provide web site hosting services for customers looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to hosting their own web servers. Alternatively, we can assist you in setting up your own web server at your own site

20 Reasons to be on the web

  1. To establish a presence
  2. To network
  3. To make business information available
  4. To serve your customers
  5. To heighten public interest
  6. To release time sensitive materials
  7. To sell your products and/or services
  8. To make pictures, sound & video available
  9. To reach a highly desirable demographic market
  10. To answer frequently asked questions
  11. To stay in contact with sales people
  12. To open international markets
  13. To create a 24*7*365 service
  14. To make changing information available quickly and inexpensively
  15. To allow feedback from customers
  16. To test market new services and products
  17. To reach the media
  18. To reach education and youth markets
  19. To reach specialized markets
  20. To serve your local market

Custom Solutions
At Laptech, we build custom Web sites from the ground up. Our developers are fully qualified in multiple solutions on multiple platforms. From relatively simple and low-cost ASP or HTML solutions, to enterprise level dynamic Web sites built with JAVA, JSP, XML, PHP and an SQL database backend. By not being limited to one technology or platform, we can offer the best solution possible for your business. And you can always count on getting the latest technology that’s best suited for your site.

Multiple Options
We believe every business is different, and there is no “single solution” that works for every type of business. If another development company tells you they have a solution that “fits all”, is it going to be right for your business?